Word Of The Day


Something described as tawdry is cheap and gaudy in appearance or quality. Tawdry is also often used to describe something considered morally bad or distasteful, as in "a tawdry tale of political skulduggery."

// Tawdry decorations cluttered the tiny house.


to deck oneself out.


If you emulate someone or something, you try to be like that person or thing. The word is used especially when one is trying to equal or surpass someone in accomplishment or achievement.

// She grew up emulating her sports heroes.

// Younger children will often try to emulate the behavior of their older siblings.


A cacophony is a mixture of loud and usually harsh unpleasant sounds. Cacophony can also refer to an incongruous or chaotic mixture.

// The sounds of shouting added to the cacophony on the streets.

// A cacophony of aromas wafted through the air.


a condition that is part of an agreement


To refurbish something is to brighten or freshen it up, or to repair and make improvements to it.

// They are refurbishing the old house with the hopes of selling it for a profit.

// The store refurbishes and sells computers that can often meet the needs of those who don't need the latest technology.


Germane is a formal synonym of relevant that describes something related to a subject in an appropriate way.

// Her comments were not germane to the discussion. // While these facts about the witness may interest the jury, they are not in fact germane.


firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.


Descry is a literary word that, like discover or find out, means “to come to realize or understand something.” Descry can also mean “to catch sight of.”

// In their research, the bryologists descried an association between a moss and the iron content of the rock it typically grows on.

// From the tops of the high dunes, we could just descry the ship coming over the horizon.


a paragraph mark.