Word Of The Day


a soft, white cheese similar to cream cheese, made from whole or partly skimmed milk in Neufchâtel, a town in N France.


Something described as lucrative produces money or wealth. //

The author parlayed the success of her books into a lucrative second career as a public speaker


improvised; having the character of an improvisation.


To wane is to become smaller or less, or in other words, to decrease in size, extent, or degree.

// The national scandal caused her popularity to wane.


designative; descriptive.


To instigate something is to cause it to happen or begin.

// The pair was accused of instigating a plot to oust the newly elected mayor.


To zhuzh something up is to improve its flavor or appearance by way of a small improvement, adjustment, or addition.

// He likes to zhuzh up his outfits with brightly-colored ties.


mediocre, unimpressive, or disappointing.


Grudging is an adjective used to describe something that is said, done, or given unwillingly or reluctantly. It can also describe someone who is unwilling or reluctant to do something.

// Her theories have begun to win grudging acceptance in the scientific community.

// A number of his former critics have become grudging admirers.


A reputation is the common opinion that people have about someone or something. Reputation can also refer to a positive position that someone or something has in public esteem or regard.

// She's earned a reputation as a first-class playwright.

// Investors feared that the scandal had damaged the company's reputation beyond repair.